October 2021 Young Planet Leader – Rachel Bass

Rachel is the founder of Give2FosterKidz, an organization whose mission is to provide children in foster homes with clothes, toys, and games. Growing up in a house with two adopted siblings allowed her to realize how lucky her siblings are for having a loving family who could provide for them. This made her wonder about other children who were not as fortunate as they were. This inspired Rachel to take action, and create Give2FosterKidz, to provide less fortunate children with everyday necessities, as well as games, toys, and holiday gifts, to add excitement to their lives.

There are about 153 million children worldwide that do not have families. These children don’t always have the bare essentials they need every day. They also don’t have anyone to sneak money under their pillows when they lose a tooth or buy them gifts for holidays. Children in foster homes are extremely vulnerable to various psychological disorders, some being PTSD, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Give2FosterKidz’s goal is to prevent that by providing foster children with things to look forward to.

This past year, Rachel has teamed up with various foster homes, some being Citrus Family Care Network, and Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options (JAFCO). She collaborated with the JAFCO Teen Chapter to raise donations for the children of JAFCO to have a summer camp. Flip flops, water bottles, sunglasses, bathing suits, and more were donated to ensure that the children of JAFCO would have an incredible summer.

Rachel promoted the drive through her school’s Interact Club, where she is now an officer. She collaborated with other clubs to promote the drive as well, some being the Performing Arts Club, Club305, and the Law Club. The drive was also put on the school’s morning news, making the drive school-wide. But she doesn’t want to stop here. So far, Rachel has raised over $2,000 in donations and positively benefited 100+ foster kids.  She plans on continuing her journey by bringing Give2Fosterkidz to college with her so she can continue positively benefiting the foster care community and making foster children feel as loved and cared for as her siblings.

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