May 2022 Young Planet Leader – Dante Benedetti

Dante Benedetti is the 8-year-old founder of Little Hands for the Planet. Dante’s mission is to teach and inform kids about environmental problems on our planet. He would like kids to be more aware of the products they use and to choose products that do less harm to our environment.

Dante believes as kids, we may have Little Hands, but we can use them to do a lot of good. For that reason, Little Hands for the Planet sells eco-friendly products that are reusable, recyclable, and do not fill up our landfills. 

Dante loves animals, marine life, and nature. With help from his parents, he frequently can be found cleaning local beaches and parks. The litter and plastic that people leave behind at our beaches and parks cause a lot of environmental problems and damage to our marine life.  Our planet is asking for help!  Dante motivates people to believe that they can make small changes every day that make a big difference. Just by saying no to things like plastic straws, you can help save turtles and other marine life. 

Dante gives a percentage of all of his sales to local nonprofits while finding creative ways to give back to our community through organizing beach and park clean-ups.

Join Dante on this journey to do more for our planet…. and say no to plastic!   

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