August 2023 Young Planet Leader – Amrutha Rao


Amrutha Rao is a 16-year-old innovator, entrepreneur, and researcher who is dedicated to addressing climate change through science, engineering, and technology. Her projects include a patent-pending invention, an environmental app, original science research, and the creation of the Environmental Engineering Club–all of which have garnered multiple international and national-level awards. 

Amrutha coded an app that gamifies and incentivizes the fight against climate change, allowing students to submit environmentally friendly actions to gain points and climb leaderboards. Her app received recognition from her congressional district’s Congresswoman and won 2nd place in The Congressional App Challenge. This year, she aims to implement her app in schools across the country and eventually the world. 

In addition to app development, Amrutha conducted original scientific research, where she developed a novel catalyst to solve the problem of wastewater pollution. Her research won an Excellence in Engineering Award from the US Army Corps of Engineers and is in the process of being published in a science journal.

Amrutha is also the current leader and a co-founder of GreenSwing, a patent-pending device that generates electricity from the kinetic energy of door swings to recharge batteries. GreenSwing has been featured by global climate organizations and won multiple awards, including the Power Pitch Award out of the top 5 teams in the international Conrad Challenge–a prestigious high school innovation competition. Her team is currently working with a health clinic in rural Malawi for user testing and eventual implementation. Furthermore, Amrutha founded and leads the Environmental Engineering Club at her school, which aims to proactively address climate change through innovation. Her club has initiated and worked on projects and innovations that have been featured by environmental organizations and received multiple accolades.

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