September 2023 Young Planet Leader – Anagha Iyer


She has met with various city officials across South Florida to advocate for sustainable practices and spread awareness. So far the group has fundraised, gone petitioning around their neighborhoods, and had multiple meetings to discuss current environmental issues.

Anagha is also active in outreach. She regularly volunteers her time to help with various social media platforms to spread awareness. Currently, Anagha is interning with Save The Water Inc, a group whose goal is to educate the community about safe and contaminated water. In addition, she helps make posts for the Youth Legislative Action Center, Nature Conservancy, and Ocean Alliance. Anagha has written three letters to the editors about sustainability and climate action, published in the Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald. She also writes for the Miami and Broward Sierra Club monthly newsletters.

Anagha is on the Youth E-board for the South Florida Red Cross, helping educate others about disaster preparedness. She is the onboarding director of the Broward Citizens’ Climate Lobby, where she helps get people involved in the organization. In addition, Anagha has recently gotten more involved in advocacy. She attended a lobbying meeting in March where she met with many representatives and senators about clean energy in schools. She also advocates with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby for clean energy and carbon taxes.

Anagha is passionate about science research. She has been doing environmental research for the past three years and plans on continuing throughout high school. In her 8th grade year, Anagha got first in the state for her environmental research and top 300 in the country. Last year she received 3rd place in the Florida Stockholm Junior Water Prize and won $250! She also got 1st at the Florida Junior Academy of Science. Anagha is currently working on getting her work published in a scientific journal.

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