March 2024 Young Planet Leader – Ivano Perich

Ivano Perich is a 16-year-old scientist, inventor, and sustainability advocate working towards the positive impact of an ambitious global biodiversity framework. His unique projects such as predicting systems in green hydrogen production were recognized nationally and internationally. He continues this groundbreaking work through a co-organized initiative, We Are Change, and his upcoming sustainability start-up focusing on biodiversity. As a Rise Global Finalist, a Civic Unplugged Fellow, and Moonshot Pirates Innovator, Ivano is known for his scientific contributions and dedication to environmental sustainability.

He initiated his local branch of the ‘Young European Greens’ movement and advocated for a safer and greener European Union. Joined by 1200 young activists, he will dive into the world of action reaching its full potential in the European Parliament during the EU elections. Ivano created many sustainability-oriented projects such as Salubrious, an environmentally friendly solar-panel powered vehicle model, and RenewAI, a prototype of a predicting system in green hydrogen production boosting the efficiency of renewable energy sources. These projects were featured in the Shape the Future Contest partnering with Volkswagen Group and Future Port Youth Conference. 

Alongside this, Ivano is a distinguished facilitator working with sustainability-focused education courses such as UWC Building a Sustainable Future and through his organization, We Are Change where he organizes workshops with his team. These workshops are part of his journey to spread sustainability and sustainable development goals (SDGs) education in underprivileged communities. He aims to implement them across schools in his team’s countries internationally. In addition to his work in education, Ivano is developing his first children’s book about preserving biodiversity to sharpen the knowledge about the pressing challenge of its loss. 

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